Appraisal List – Pending FHA Case Number List (For LO and Ops)

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This is a list where FHA loans pending a FHA case # are held when the appraisal order is placed from the consumer website.

A loan will stay in this list until the FHA case number is inputted on the appraisal order screen.

After your borrower has placed the FHA appraisal order you can:

  1. Open the file from the Pending FHA Case # list
  2. Access the appraisal order by going to Loan → Appraisal Center in the Mega Menu
  3. Select the order from the Existing Orders list
  4. Enter any missing required information (usually the FHA Case#, Seller Name and Seller Type).
  • The Appraisal Order button is disabled until all the required fields are completed.
  1. Click on the blue Order Appraisal button
  2. Your file will no longer appear in the Pending FHA Case # list because it has moved to HVM’s Order Requested list.
  • Once your appraisal order has been placed with HVM, there is no further action that you need to take.


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