How to Use My Requested Documents Functionality

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Upon the borrower’s completion of the application they will be directed to the Dashboard where they will be able to view the My Action Items section. The user will have the option to select My Requested Documents. The documents within this section are proactively requested since they are essential for the Loan Officer and borrower to continue on within the loan process.

The section is broken down into two key areas for the borrower, To Do and Done. The To Do section allows the borrower to upload requested documents such as the W-2 Form. The borrower has the option to skip this section and finish at a later date by selecting “Done with Requested Docs for Now”.

The user may upload documents by simply clicking on the drill down arrow on the left side of the sub section and pressing the Upload button.

Once a document has been uploaded it will display below. Once completed the user may select “I’m done with this item” so they move to the Done section.


Once in the Done section the user will be informed that “These documents are currently in review”. The Loan Officer will review these documents within their DocVault. The Loan officer will properly classify the documents. (See Uploading Documents – Classifying, Reviewing, and Rejecting article)

Upon completion of the Loan Officer’s classification of documents the user will notice the newly verified documents can be found under the My Documents section.

The verified documents can be found and reviewed by the borrower within the My Uploaded Documents subsection.


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