How to Build a Company Profile

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How to Build a Company Profile

Building a company profile can be done through the concierge site. Once logged in a user must navigate to the Company Profile header in the left sidebar of the page. After expanding the dropdown selection the user must select Company Details.


Once a company profile has been added a user may edit at any time.

A user may access Channel/Division/Branch levels by clicking on the line which the company name sits. Once a user clicks on this line it will become highlighted and the system will load the sub category below.


Editing the Company Profile

Once the user selects the edit option a popup window will appear with editable options. The user has the option to edit all the option shown below. It is important to note that all options shown below can/will be displayed within a disclosure package.

By clicking on the icon located under Upload Logo the user will have the option to update this image (must be .svg file) with their own company branding preference.

The Title/Escrow/Pest inspection Provider Affiliation dropdown menu will become populated once a user fills out their Global Contacts section within the iMP. The user will have to sign back into their loan center and navigate to their contacts list as shown below. Adding contacts is explained in the “Navigating Global Contacts” article, which can be in the Resource Center.

Title Provider Affiliations have been added to the Global Contact center and are now able to be selected within the dropdown menu.


Setting up an Active Branch

At least one branch must be set up for the loan center to function properly.

  1. Clicking the Inactive checkbox will allow the user to deem the branch inactive.
  2. Uploading a logo can be done by simply clicking on the icon and uploading a (must be .jpeg/.png/.gif) company branding image into the system.
  3. FHA/VA Branch ID will be displayed within Preapproval Letters and Loan Comparison Reports
  4. The IR Login/Password is not an active entry field and may be removed at a future time.

All files filled out within the branch section roll up to the Company Profile and replace any missing data.

Adding State Licenses must be done at the Branch level.

  • A license number must be added to any state that is added
  • An Expiration Date may be added within the entry box, however, if an Expire Date is not entered the license credential will never expire.


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