How to Set up Credential Management

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How to Set up Credential Management

A user is able to set up credential management within the iMP under ADMIN within the loan center header bar. Under System Admin Credential Management the user will find options to add an array of Vendor credentials for select products.

The user will have the option to add credentials for various Product Services for Vendors, which may be added to a category as high as the Channel down a specific Loan Officer.

Adding/editing/removing Product/Vendor/Client Codes is as simple as:

  1. Clicking the Add Item button
  2. Clicking on the Pencil icon to edit
  3. Clicking on the No Entry sign to remove

Once the Add Item icon is selected the user will be given option to enter Product/Vendor/Client Codes


Once a user enters their specific search criteria by selecting options from, at a minimum, Product Service and Vendor dropdowns they will be able to click the Search Bar to populate all credential options for the vendor of the selected service.

Credential Login and Passwords may be added by clicking on the ā€œIā€ icon on the right side of the screen.

Connection Info such as URL, Username, and Password may all be entered and saved within the information section as shown below:


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