Ensuring You Meet the Minimum System Requirements

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This article is meant to provide a brief overview of the minimum system requirements to operate the iMP for both the Consumer Site and Loan Center. 

  • A personal computer (for PCs: Pentium 120 Hhz or higher; for Macintosh, Power Mac 9500, Power PC 604 processor 120-MHz Base or higher), operating system and telecommunications connections to the Internet capable of receiving, accessing, displaying, and either printing or storing Communications; Adobe Reader version 8.0 or higher; Windows 7 or later version running either Internet Explorer version 10.0 or later, Chrome 31 or later, Firefox version 4.0 or later, Microsoft Edge 12 or later, or Macintosh OSX 10.2 or later  running Safari 9 or later.
  • Sufficient electronic storage capacity on your computer’s hard drive or other data storage unit or a printer to print a copy of your disclosures.  
  • Documents may be provided in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or Portable Document Format (PDF) or other compatible formats. If you do not have the ability to access and retain both PDF and HTML documents, do not consent to electronic delivery. By consenting, you confirm that your personal computer is equipped with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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