How to Turn on Asset eVerification

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First, the customer must have their IP’s whitelisted through AccountChek, which cloudvirga can help with. Account Administrators have the ability to turn Asset eVerfication Off/On within their system Admin interface. Once an administrator is logged into their Admin site they can change the Micro Service feature with the Configuration – Configuration – Environment section.


  • The MicroServices.VOA.Enabled line may be configured by clicking on the pencil icon and changing the value to either
    • “1” = VOA/eVerify enabled
    • “0” = VOA/eVerify disabled

When VOA (Verification of Assets) is enabled the LO and Consumer will have “View VOA” and “eVerify” functionality available to them, respectively.



The Consumer will have the choice to either Upload their requested documents as normal or eVerify certain documents such as bank statements. The eVerfication feature is meant to speed up account verification for the borrower by providing their account information directly to the vendors that will validate the information.



The Loan Officer will now notice within the Assets page of the Loan Center they have the option to View VOA once the proper information has been provided by the borrower and they have elected to eVerify their accounts. The LO will notice that the verified account will be marked with a green check mark and a “verified” stamp.



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