How to Utilize Reissue Credit Functionality

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Users will have the ability to reissue a credit report for a 1003 application if it is for the exact same borrower(s) with the same name, birthday, SSN. Users may notice that the Reissue Credit Report button within the Credit tab of the 1003 application.   


It is important to note that the Report No. entry box must have a value entered in order to have access to the Reissue Credit Report option.


Once a user selects the Reissue Credit Report option from the dropdown menu the button will display the appropriate text.


Users will receive an error message when trying to reissue credit in the following scenarios:

  • When trying to Add Co-Borrower after credit was already ran, then trying to reissue credit
  • When trying to reissue credit on edited borrower, meaning the borrower first/last name, SSN, or DOB are changed
  • When trying to reissue credit on completely different loan for the same borrower

In the before mentioned scenarios the user will receive the following error message:

  • “We were unable to reissue credit. It appears the borrower(s) on the application do not match the borrower(s) on the credit report requested."



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