Utilizing Appraisal Management Functionality

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This reference guide provides details and instructions on accessing the Appraisal Management menu for Administrators. This feature allows ADMIN users to access, edit, and manage Appraisal Products and Fees.

Requirements: Users must first be granted access to this privilege by their Administrator. The privilege can be granted under “Edit Appraisal Management”.

Admin users may navigate to the Appraisal Management screen by clicking the ADMIN menu and locating it under the Business Admin section.


Once a user is in the Appraisal Management screen they can choose to either make changes to Appraisal Products or Appraisal Fees

Appraisal Product

Within the Appraisal Product screen users are able to add, import, export and duplicate appraisal products. A user can add a new appraisal product by a 3 main methods:

  1. Import

Users can import a loan product from their device by clicking the icon. Once the icon is selected users may choose to upload a document stored within their files.

  1. Add New

Clicking ‘add new’ will trigger a new line of configurable conditions in building out a new appraisal product

  1. Duplicate

When duplicating an existing product the user must first ensure that they have selected an existing product from the list. This can be a nice time saver since the conditional fields will prepopulate with existing data. 

When building a new appraisal product users must ensure they fill out all of the following conditions:

  1. States and Counties – users may choose from a list of all state and established counties within this dropdown menu that the appraisal product applies to.
  2. Loan Type – users may choose from a list of all Loan Types that the appraisal product applies to such as: Conventional, FHA, USDA, VA, etc.
  3. Occupancy Type – users will establish what occupancy type the appraisal product will apply to such as: Primary Residence, Investment Property, Second Home, etc.
  4. Property Type - users will establish what property type the appraisal product will apply to such as: Condo, Single Family, Manufactured, etc.  
  5. Number of Units – user must establish the number of units the appraisal applies to once a property type is established.
  6. Appraisal Product – this list is set by the Manage Groups flyout which allows users to Manage New Product by utilizing the Add Appraisal Product

Manage Groups Functionality

  • The Manage Groups functionality allows user to establish State/County Regions and Manage New Product


Building State/County Regions

Users are able to build a County Region by filling in the following:

  1. County Region Name – this is the unique identifier that will differentiate the region/counties within the state that the appraisal product may apply
  2. State – the user must select a state so that the Counties section will populate
  3. Counties – once the state is selected, each existing county within that state will populate and be selectable. The user may choose as many or as few counties as they would like.
  4. Add State/County Region – once the user clicks this they will either
    1. have their newly established County Region Name move to the Current State/County Regions list
    2. receive an error to have any highlighted missing fields added
    3. receive an error that County Region Name the tried to use is taken
  5. Current State/County Regions – maintains records of all user established state/county regions

Manage New Product

Users are able to establish new product names by filling in the Appraisal Product Name. Once the user creates a unique product name they can click the Add Appraisal Product button to have it added to the record list. If the user does not choose a unique product name it will not be added to the list and they will receive an error message. These products will be selectable within the Appraisal Product and Product dropdown menus.

Appraisal Fees

Users can utilize all of the same functionality in the Appraisal Fees screen as they could within the Appraisal Product section. The main difference within this section is that users are able to establish what the Property Value Range and Fee Amount will be for each Product when the States and Counties and Number of Units has been defined.


 Exporting the Product or Fee List

Users are able to export the Appraisal Product or Appraisal Fee lists to an .xlxs file by clicking the Export button.

Clearing all Filters Column Filters

If the user filters the column list while in the file they may wish to clear them all at once to get back to the original view.

The user can simply click on the Clear all filters button to re-establish the original list view.


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