Understanding the Global Contacts Enhancement

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There have been a few enhancements made within the Global Contacts section of the Loan Center. Users with the privileged access may notice that when Company Type Lender is selected they will no longer see the Affiliate Type field as they do when other Company Type options are selected. Users will instead only see Lender Status and Lender URL when Lender – Company Type is selected.

Any company found within the Global Contacts section will be linked to a free form text field for Paid To within Section A, B, C, F & H on the Closing Cost Details page. The Global Contacts Lookup will filter on the contact type for that fee type.

  • Title Fees will display only Title Providers
  • Escrow Fees will display only Escrow Providers
  • Survey/Land Survey will display only Land Survey Providers
  • Pest Inspection will display only Pest Inspection Providers
  • Single Premium MI will display only Mortgage Insurance Providers
  • NOTE: all other fees besides the ones listed above can utilize any providers (such as appraisal fees). The filter will not limit the providers like specified for the above mentioned fees.


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