Updating and Classifying a Signed Disclosure Package with Intent to Proceed (ITP)

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After a user uploads the Disclosure Package to the DocVault and classifies the Intent to Proceed (ITP) date the “Waiting for Disclosures” blue bar will be removed. The user should first ensure the borrower has eConsented. The user can then classify the uploaded Disclosure Package by utilizing the Upload button within the DocVault.

Once uploaded, the user must classify the document by clicking the blue dropdown arrow icon and selecting Classify Document. 

The proper Document Type must be selected: Applicants Statement of Intent to Continue with Loan Application in order to access the following:

  • Borrower Name(s)
  • Borrower Signed Date
  • Co-Borrower Signed Date
  • Issue Date

Once the dates have been properly filled out and the borrower has eConsented the user will notice that the ITP will be displayed within the Loan Participants page and the blue bar has disappeared.


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