Doc Vault Features and Importing Docs

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Doc Vault

Anytime a document lands in the Doc Vault it will automatically export to Encompass.

Documents can come into the Doc Vault different ways.  No matter how they came in, they will all be automatically exported to Encompass.

  • System Generated (e.g. Initial Disclosures Created)
  • Loan Officer Uploads
  • Borrower Uploads

The Initial UNSIGNED disclosure packages will export into a placeholder named iMP – Initial Disclosures.

ALL other documents will land in the Unassigned Folder in File Manager.  The eSIGNED INITIAL DISCLOSURES will be separated and named in iMP before being exported to Encompass.  Any borrower uploaded documents that are not part of the Borrower’s Needs List will retain the name they were given by the consumer.

Importing Documents From Another Loan

You have the ability to import documents from an already existing loan into the new loan you have created.

Hover over LOAN and click DocVault to access the Doc Vault

Click the arrow next to the Upload button and select Import from Loan Dropdown

Click Import from Loan again and input the loan number you want to import from.  Then click Browse.

When the flyout opens, checkmark the document you wish to import and click Import

NOTE:  You will never be allowed to import a Credit Report from a different file

The system will import the document and place it in the appropriate folder in your current loan.  It will date and timestamp when the document was imported and by whom.





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