How would I order an appraisal through iMP if disclosures were not e-signed?

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I came across this scenario today and I think it’s worth sharing.

  1. Online borrower
  2. Had trouble with eSigning so they printed and signed the disclosures
  3. LO needs to order the appraisal but, you can't do that without triggering the ITP (Intent to Proceed)
  4. The way to trigger the ITP is to upload the signed ITP to the Doc Vault and classify it properly.
    • This will trigger the date/time stamp in the compliance center and add the ITP date in Loan Participants

Here’s the tricky part. You can’t search for the ITP label in the Document Type when classifying the document and there are a thousand items to choose from in the list. The list is in alphabetical order by grouping so you need to identify the correct category first. You might still have a hard time finding the Intent to Proceed because it’s called:

Applicants Statement of Intent to Continue with Loan Application


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