My Lists - Standard Lists, Disclosures, Rate Lock & Pricing, and Appraisal Section Definitions

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Standard Lists


The Prospect list contains all files that do not have all six pieces of information required to trigger disclosures.


The PreApproval list contains all purchase preapprovals that do not have a subject property identified.  ie: the subject property is TBD.


The Incomplete List is a list of all loan applications with the 6 pieces of information required to trigger disclosures, but are missing other required fields on the 1003.

My Pipeline

This list includes all loans that have been started.


List of completed loan applications that have disclosures (Intent to Proceed) signed.


List of all loans that have been adverse actioned. 

Closed Loan

List of closed/completed loans. 

Cancelled Loans

List of all loans that have been cancelled.


Pending Disclosures

List of loans that have the six required pieces to disclose.

Pending eConsent

List of loans where the borrower has not logged on to their loan portal and eConsented.

Mail Room

List of loans that have been queued to have disclosures sent via standard mail.

Rate Lock & Pricing


This is a list of loans that have a concession pricing requested.


Order Requested

List of loans with Appraisals requested. 

Order Processed

List of loans with appraisal requests that have been processed.


List of loans where the appraisal has been delivered.


Coming soon…


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