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View Details

  • Provides a breakdown of each leg of the loan detail
    • Loan Amount – base loan amount
    • Estimated Closing Costs – breakdown of: Total Lender Costs and Total Third Party Costs
    • Estimated Prepaids & Escrows – breakdown of: Total prepaids and Total Escrow (PITI)

My Rates & Options

  • Top Picks - These are the top picks suggested for the consumer according to their general information inputs
  • Low Rate Arms - A list of ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) loans with low APRs (Annual Percentage Rate)
  • Payoff Quickly - A list of fixed rate loans under a 25 year term
  • Low Fixed Rates - Variety of low fixed APR loans available to the consumer
  • No Cost - Zero closing cost loans
  • All Options - A list of all loan options available to the consumer
  • Compare My Favorites - A list of all loans that the consumer clicked the


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