Dashboard - My Loan Status – My Action Items - Review My Loan Application, Upload My Documents, My Documents, eConsent Settings

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Once the consumer clicks Submit for Approval for their application they will be directed to their Dashboard or the My Loan Status page. The consumer will be able to see where they currently stand in the process. After the consumer has completed the Application section they will move to the Disclosures process.

Review My Loan Application

  • The consumer has the opportunity to review the information they have supplied on their loan application by using this feature.

Upload My Documents

  • The consumer will find My List of Requested Documents in this feature, where they can review and upload all requested files. IF the consumer is unable to upload files electronically they have the option to   and fax their requested documents to their concierge. Once the consumer has uploaded OR faxed their documents they will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected by their concierge.

My Documents

  • The consumer will find the following documents under this section: 
    • eSigned by the borrower
    • "Borrower viewable" documents uploaded from the Loan Officer
    • Approved/Rejected documents from the Loan Officer

eConsent Settings

  • The consumer has the option to review and change their eConsent settings within this feature. IF the consumer has decided that they would prefer to complete their application offline they can Decline eConsent which will alert their concierge to contact them to continue the process manually.



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