Understanding Net Tangible Benefit

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When a user wants to disclose a loan with a subject property located in a NTB (Net Tangible Benefit) required state, the system will check if the following are completed before allowing the user to generate disclosures:

  1. Subject Property is allocated to an REO
    • Note: If the subject property is marked ‘Paid off Free & Clear,’ NTB is never applicable regardless of the previously mentioned requirements.
  2. The NTB form is completed – All required fields must be completed and at least one check box is checked

If these requirements are not completed, a user will see the following message when they click “Create Initial Disclosures”

Navigate to the Credit Page and open the REO record for the Subject Property.  Complete all the following fields and click Done:

Once the REO fields are completed, navigate to the NTB form.  Hover over LOAN tab and click Net Tangible Benefit

This will open the Net Tangible Benefit screen.  Complete any remaining fields that are RED.  Based on the information from the Current and New loan in Loan Information section, the system will automatically select the benefits the borrower will receive under “Refinancing will yield the following benefits.” This information will map to the NTB disclosure that goes to the borrower.


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