Detailed Loan Comparison Report

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To create a Detailed Loan PDF Comparison Report, start by check marking the rate options you would like to compare on the report.  They will automatically appear in the section above the grid.       


To select which of those options you would like displayed on the Detailed Loan Comparison Report, checkmark the box to the right of the apply/update button [You may select up to five options].   Then click the blue Share button.

* Borrower’s first and last name must be entered at a minimum before clicking Save to generate the report. It is not necessary to enter an email to proceed.

Once the system has saved the PDF report, click on the blue paper stack icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

This will reveal the PDF icon.  Press that icon to download a copy of the report to your desktop.  You may now preview the report and then attach it in an email to your borrower with your own custom message.

The first page will be a summary of all the options selected while each subsequent page will break down in detail each of those options.


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