My Property, Current Address, Mailing Address, and Previous Address Information

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My Property Information

  • Street, Zip/State, City, Occupancy Type, Property Type, Number of Units, Estimated Value, Loan Amount, Original Purchase Price, Original Purchase Date, Monthly HOA Dues

My Current Address Information

  • Time at Current Address – Years, Months
    • If the consumer has lived at their current address for less than 2 years they will be prompted to share “My Previous Address Information”
  • Mailing Address Different – if “Yes” they will be prompted to share “My Mailing Address”

My Mailing Address

  • Street, Zip/State, City

My Previous Address Information

  • Street, Zip/State, City, Do you own or rent?, Time at address – Years, Months

If Co-Borrower Exists…

  • Property Info process is repeated for co-borrower


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