Credit - My Credit Information, Creating My Account, Identifying Loans, Credit Results

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My Credit Information

  • In this screen the consumer will be prompted to enter the following information for all parties involved:
    • #Social Security, #Confirm Social Security, Birthday
  • The consumer must authorize (“check”) the lender to obtain a credit report to continue with their loan


Creating My Account

  • In this screen the consumer will be prompted to create a user account using the following information:
    • Email, Password, Security Question/Answer
      • The consumer’s password must contain at least 8 characters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter & one number

  • After the consumer’s account is created their credit report request will be sent

Identifying Loans on The Consumer’s Credit Report

  • If the consumer has additional loans in their name they must identify if they are linked to the current loan address
    • Lien Position – may be 1st, 2nd, etc.
    • Payments Include
  • If the property is “Free & Clear”
    • “check” that the property is free, meaning the listed loans are not linked to this address
  • What is your Taxes & Insurance?
    • Identify, whether they be annual or monthly, your Property Tax, Home Owner Insurance, Flood Insurance

Credit Results (Checkered Flag)



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