Consumer to Loan Center

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Moving the Consumers Loan Information from the Consumer to the Loan Center Site…

  • Depending on how complete the consumer filled in their application will determine whether or not they are placed in a Pipeline or a Prospect list in the concierge site.
    • Address
    • Loan amount
    • Income
    • Estimated Property Value
    • Name
    • Social Security
  • The determining factors can be broken down by the acronym ALIENS. If all ALIENS information have been completed, the consumer will move to a Pipeline view where they will be contacted by a Loan Officer (LO) to complete their loan process. If the consumer has not filled in the proper information, they will remain in a Prospect view where they will be contacted for the missing information and their interest in obtaining a loan.
  • All the information filled out by the consumer will be transferred to the loan center site where an assigned LO will continue the process or an LO will be assigned by an Admin user. Whether or not an LO has already been assigned is dependent on how and where the consumer filled out their information.
    • For example, if the consumer filled out their information on the Lender’s website, there would most likely not be a LO assigned. However, if they were directed to the site by an advertisement by a particular LO, that LO would likely be assigned to that loan.

Once all the necessary information has been collected and an LO has been assigned, the consumer will be begin the disclosure process. The LO will send a Secure Link to the consumer, as long as they choose to remain an online user, so that they may begin reviewing and signing their disclosure packets.


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