Credit Decision Score Override

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Credit Decision Score Override

*Note this feature is not typically available to those users with minimum/default privilege settings. Users that require access to this feature should engage their support team for use of the function.

This function is available for special circumstances where a borrower may not have a credit score or too low of a credit score to qualify for a loan product. Through this feature you will be able to change the borrower’s credit score to an acceptable number and continue the loan process.

  • The user must first complete enough of the loan application to be able to Shop for Rates
  • Should the user be unable to select a loan product because the borrower’s credit score is too low or may not exist, they can edit the Decision Score under the Qualifying Information section


    • The user should have a clear understanding of compliance standards and any implications a credit override may cause before proceeding

  • Once an acceptable credit score has been entered, usually an Average rating, the user should have the option to select a variety of loan products when shopping for rates

  • The new decision score can be viewed under Loan Details – Pricing Information as well as under the header box on the Credit

    • The credit report score will not change


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