Fulfillment Menu Options - AUS, Compliance Center, Closing Cost Details

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Navigate to the Loan Menu >> Fulfillment >> AUS.

Specify the AUS type you want to run (DU, LP or GUS).  On the AUS screen, click on the Submit DU/LP button. Wait about a minute and you will see the DU findings show up with the status along with a little PDF icon that you can click to open the report.


Compliance Center

The compliance center contains an audit trail of what has transpired with the loan.

Closing Costs Details

Navigate to the Closing Cost Details screen from the Loan Menu, under the Fulfillment column.

You can add a fee to a certain section by hovering over that section header and click the blue + symbol that appears.

To edit a fee that’s already there, hover over that fee’s row and left click.  This will open up the fee window and allow you to make changes. 

Be sure to click the lock  and unlock  icon to lock in your changes so that they don’t revert back when you re-price the loan.              


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