Pricing Adjustment for Loan Detail Comparison Report

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As a loan officer, you have the ability to adjust the points and the price of a loan product prior to creating a Loan Detail PDF Comparison Report.

  • Starting from the pricing screen click on the arrow to the left of the choice loan program.
  • Click the appropriate Rate and Rate Lock box that you would like to display on the report.
  • The checked items will appear in the upper grid view for the selected loan product.
  • As the user, you click either the Points or Price $ in order for the Copy Product feature to appear.
    • An editable new line item will appear for points and price
      • Depending on whether the Price $ or the Points is manually adjusted, this dictates which item is automatically updated along with the Closing Costs


  • The changes as well as an itemized list of all closing costs are viewable by clicking the total Closing Costs number

*The Apply option is not available for added rate options

  • In order for you to move ahead in the process you must click the Apply button

*To create a Loan Detail PDF Comparison Report with the new adjustments you must:

  • Click the check boxes to the right of the newly added line items 
  • Once the items to be compared are selected, click the 

    • Borrower’s first and last name must be entered at a minimum before clicking Save to generate the report

  • The report can be viewed by clicking  (blue paper stack) in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  • The blue paper stack will expand the screen to show all rate quotes generated for the current loan
    • These can be viewed by clicking  which will display the rate options in a detailed side by side comparison report





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