Borrower’s Needs List Functionality

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The borrower’s needs list will automatically build in the background while you complete the application.  A user can choose to make edits to the needs list before it’s sent to the borrower. Or, they may send the default list the system generates. 

  1. Sending the default list
    • Nothing needs to be done by the user. The list will generate in the background, and upon clicking Create Initial Disclosures, the list will display and a cover letter of those items will be included in the disclosure package.  It will also appear on the Consumer Site under the Upload Documents Section.

  1. Editing the list before sending to borrower
    • You have the ability to add items after completing the application but PRIOR TO SELECTING Create Initial Disclosures. Click “Create Needs List” to display the list of items the system has already been building in the background.

    • Click the  button and choose an item name from the dropdown menu.  Add additional details in the freeform text box.  When done adding items, click Save.


Use the blue pencil icon to edit a description and the red circle icons to delete a line item.

Once you’re done editing, you can choose to send the needs list directly to your borrower or let it go out with the disclosure package. 

  • Click Preview List to save a copy to your desktop and send to the borrower as an attachment.
  • Click the arrow next to Send List to email directly to your borrower via the system.


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