How to Duplicate a Loan

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Users have the option to duplicate a loan so they don’t have to re-enter all the information. This option is located in the “Loan” section of the Main Navigation bar.

Once selected, a pop will appear with additional options.  The Loan Purpose, Lien Position and Closing Date may all be modified to match the features of the new loan you’re creating.  You may also choose to omit a borrower, credit report, or the address from the new app by de-selecting the checkbox next to those selections. 

After making your selections, click “Duplicate Loan” 

It is important to note that an expired credit report cannot be transferred using the duplicate loan feature. The user will not have the option to click the check box and will be informed that “Credit Report # Expired

You can now navigate to ‘My Pipeline’ and you will see the duplicated loan with a Pending loan number in your queue.


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