Utilizing the Multiple 1003 Functionality

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While there are a few key differences when working with multiple 1003’s (multi-1003) as compared to a single 1003 form the basic functionality remains the same. The user will start the first 1003 application process as they normally would, and the differences in functionality will not become evident until each subsequent 1003 is started. The user may fill out up to six (6) 1003 forms per loan, or they will be able to add up to five (5) applications by using the function.

A user must enter a unique email address for the borrower/co-borrower on every new 1003. While a borrower and co-borrower may share the same email on the same 1003 if they share a joint account, it is not possible across multiple 1003 applications.

The Subject Property information section on each subsequent 1003 will auto-populate with the information provided on the first 1003.

The user may Run Credit and Create Initial Disclosures for all 1003 applications simultaneously by engaging in these functions on the last 1003 application. The user still does have the ability to perform the aforementioned from the 1st 1003 to the last, however, in order to maintain the fluidity of the process it is preferred to stick to the recommended workflow. 

The user must send all SecureLink emails individually as each SecureLink email is customized to the specific borrower.



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