Adding a Service Fee using the FeeCalc

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In addition to adding a fee directly in the Closing Cost Details page, the user also has the option to add a fee by clicking into the FeeCalc icon. Once the user clicks into the FeeCalc icon, they will be redirected to the LoanEstimate page by Closing Corp. 


Under the Fees tab, the user will select the Add Additional Services button to add an additional service fee, such as a Pest Inspection service fee.


The user will notice that they have an array of service fees to choose from within the drop down menu.

Once the fee is selected, the system will automatically pair the fee with the Shared Service Provider within the area. The user also has the option to Select Provider should it differ from the primary provider.

Once the fee has been added, the user will need to click the Export Documents button in order to export the added service fee from Closing Corp to the loan product within the iMP.


If the data was successfully exported, the following message will appear:

The user will be able to view the newly added service fee under the Closing Cost Details screen.



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