Uploading Documents – Classifying, Reviewing, and Rejecting

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Whether the Loan Officer or the consumer uploads a document, it must always be reviewed and classified once it is loaded into the DocVault. Users are able to upload documents into the iMP by clicking on the Upload button within the DocVault.


Files that are successfully uploaded can be found under the Unclassified section.


The file can be moved from the Unclassified section by choosing to Classify Document from the  dropdown menu.


Once the user has chosen to Classify Document, the Document Classification modal will appear. The user will be required to select the Document Type and will be prompted to fill in additional entry fields depending on their selection.


Each document is pre-classified within the dropdown menu according to section and approved document titles.


The newly classified document will appear under its newly designated section. The user has the option to check the Borrower Viewable check box in order for the borrower to be able to review the document within the Consumer Site.


Any documents that the borrower has uploaded through the Consumer Site is also viewable under the Borrower Needs List within Borrower Uploaded Docs.



The user also has the option to Reject Document under the dropdown menu.


Once rejected, the document will move to the Rejected classification section and the user will have the option to send a message to the borrower as to why the document has been rejected by filling out the free type box. The user has the option to make the rejected document viewable to the borrower on the Consumer Site by checking the “Borrower Viewable” checkbox.  


The borrower will see the rejected document on the Consumer Site within their Dashboard under the My Uploaded Documents page in the Incomplete Documents section. The borrower may also notice the reason as to why the document was rejected by their concierge.


The borrower will see the rejected, “Borrower Viewable”, document on the Consumer Site within their Dashboard under the My Documents page in the Unclassified section.



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